Hi! We're Jessica (left) and Janet (right).

clementine LA is a collection of women's apparel and accessories that we (a sister duo!) curate with the hope of adding more value and fun to your life. Based in Los Angeles, we make it our mission to share high-quality and thoughtfully-chosen items we can find with you!

Why? We want you to shimmy into your clementine LA package and shimmy with excitement when you see yourself in the mirror!

Who are we? Hi! We're Jessica and Janet, sisters who grew up learning how to find the best pieces and colors that work for people. Because we're sisters, we don't sugarcoat our thoughts on the thousands of pieces sift through while searching for the perfect piece. We only share the best of the best.

Jessica: Do you remember your first time shopping? The mall and I weren’t exactly the best of friends when I was younger. I would plop down on fashion displays and wonder how many minutes would have to pass before I could go home. Fast forward to the passing of many years, I’ve learned to filter between styles and trends to know what makes me look and feel my best. My thrill of the hunt is finding quality pieces with unique details that elevate the everyday look from “I can walk out of the house in this” to “I am so excited to go out and do stuff because I feel great about what I’m wearing!”. Not saying you need awesome clothes to have a great life, but finding beauty in the little things is something I appreciate.

Janet: As a little girl, I took every opportunity I could to dress up. I distinctly remember three pieces I loved: an Ariel swimsuit with a multicolored tutu, a light pink sweatshirt with white glitter text, and a blue top with a Harley Davidson-esque print. When middle school hit, I was suddenly conscious of what I wore, and I started wearing outfits to help me blend in. Then in sophomore year of high school,  I impulsively purchased a pair of acid-washed jeans. I nervously wore them to school and - to my surprise - no one mentioned my funky pants. From then on, I was emboldened to wear what I was excited about; I haven’t looked back!

What's in a Name?

clementine LA is a name inspired by the bedtime stories we would hear from our dad. His whimsical tales of a spunky and adventurous girl named Clementine enthralled us to no end. Only when we became adults did we listen to the lyrics of the song and realize that it’s not all how we thought it’d be!

We love imagining the excited expressions on your face when you see the lovely items we endeavor to bring to you. We hope you feel the same way when you visit our shop in this little corner of the internet. It’s a pleasure to have you here!