How to Style Padded Headbands and Silk Scarves

This year is the season of accessories. From mini bags to barrettes, golden hoops to locket necklaces, there's not an accessory that's been left behind — Hair accessories are coming back in full force.

We first saw it as a scarf tied around the head. Next came the bandanas, adopted by minimalists and prairie girls alike. Now it's transformed into what we see all over our feeds: the padded headband.

Head wear has always been a bit of a beast to style. Because whatever you choose will sit literally at the top of your head, it will demand attention whereas other accessories will not. So dominating is this simple accessory that many veer away from wearing it altogether.

Don't fear! I'm here to share a ways to style your headgear in a way that's approachable, on-trend, and never overwhelming. 


Out of all the other headband trends, I personally find this one the most difficult to style. The silhouette stands out, and the proportions can look quite comical when worn if you don't create the right proportions. Say yes to the challenge and tackle these simple steps to incorporate padded headbands into your wardrobe!

First Suggestion: Pick a tone that matches your hair color.


As it blends in a bit with your hair, the contrast between the headband and your hair is decreased and allows for a more seamless integration into your wardrobe. 

via Zara

If you're blonde, a cream-toned headband will create a uniform look, and those with brown hair can look for an amber-hued accessory to complement their luscious locks. Redheads would look stunning in a copper-toned headband as well!

But what if you don't want to go the safe route? If you're feeling bold, experiment with a complementary or contrasting color! 

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Found my old headband ✨

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An ivory headband would look striking against raven black hair, and an emerald green headband would bring out the color on those blessed with auburn locks (I couldn't find an photo featuring a green padded headband on a redhead, so I picked the closest thing!).

sold out, via Urban Outfitters

Whatever way you rock it, be confident in how you wear it!

Second Suggestion: Add volume to your hair for decreased contrast.

A similar principle to the first suggestion I gave- decrease the contrast between your hair and the headband by styling your hair in voluminous waves. Set the hairband on your head with a few tousled locks framing your face. This method helps soften the appearance of the hairband and keeps it from dominating the look.

via Free People

I could see this combination working well with a chunky sweater layered over a floral dress. The casual hairstyle lends itself to the laid-back mood of this easy outfit ensemble.

On the other hand, you could also go for a slicked back, intensely straight hairstyle to bring out the volume of the headband. Sweep your hair completely off your face and let your headband take center stage!


This style leans more preppy and contemporary, and would look great with a matching blazer and trouser set. The inspiration photo features a bold orange colorway, but this look would look equally as good in a neutral palette.

To balance the volume of the headband, pick a pair of trousers that have dramatically wide or flared leg opening. It'll help keep the silhouette bold, proportional, and striking!

Prefer to be more subtle?

If these options are a bit too intense for your daily wardrobe, try out these looks!

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I love the romance and whimsy in this ensemble featuring a ruffled top and skirt. Pairing a headband can add a girlish flair and is also a great way to keep your hair out of your face. I am always inclined to try trends that have a functional aspect.


This second look is pulled together by the fun leopard headband. The classic print paired with a cozy sweater and jeans outfit adds a chic flair. This look would be ideal for busy moms, university students, and even a weekend date.


This final look features a cute flatlay of a striped top, shorts, and flats. For the fall months, switch out the shorts for a pair of tailored trousers. The look definitely gives off a casual Parisian vibe that I'm always in love with.


feat. our Addison Leopard Scarf

I would consider this trend to be the most wearable, classic, and versatile of the bunch. Not only can you use re-purpose your silk scarf as a neckerchief, it can help add a fun point of different on your bag when tied to the handle. If you're feeling really creative, you could even tie it around your waist if it's long enough for a bohemian inspired belt!

First Suggestion: Tie it as a headband.

Since we're focusing on headbands today, I'll start off by mentioning the most obvious way to wear this classic piece. Place a square scarf on a table, and tuck two opposing ends into the center until they meet. Continue folding in both sides until they form a long rectangular shape.

For the final touch, tie the scarf at the nape of your neck for a clean look.

Another method is to grab the two opposing ends of a scarf, place the center at the nape of your neck, twist it when they meet at the top of your head, then tuck the ends in. This allows a subtle knot to form creating a more textured look.

Second Suggestion: Tie it a-la-Audrey-Hepburn.

Fold the scarf in half into a triangle. Place the folded edge along your  hairline and tie the two pointy ends either underneath your chin for a more elegant and chic look, or at the nape of your neck for a more casual, prairie approach.

I noticed that Audrey always featured bangs with her headscarves, and I recommend you do the same! The bangs soften the look and allow for a feminine and whimsical aspect to peek through.

For a more casual, prairie girl approach, tuck the scarf behind your hears and style with a breezy linen dress!


So what do you think about the headband trend? Will you try it out?

Let us know in the comments below!



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