3 Unexpected Ways to Style A Black Mesh Top (with Illustrations!)

Written by Janet

woman wearing black mesh top and track pants

When Jessica and I discovered this mesh top, I was immediately convinced that we should get it, but when we got around to styling it for our product photoshoot, we came upon a dilemma: How exactly do we style this?

After contemplating for a while, I was able to come up with 3 unique ways to wear this top for a variety of occasions!

And without further ado, here are a few looks you can try out:

1. "I'm with the band"

illustration of grunge inspired outfit graphic tee and mom jeans

I always love a look with a bit of grunge inspiration, and a top like this fits the bill!

Try pairing your mesh top with an over-sized band tee tied up at the front to keep you from losing your shape. Finish off with a pair of straight leg vintage-wash black denim, sleek leather boots, and a few gold bobby pins.

The jeans will help keep the outfit from looking too dressed up while the boots and hair accessories add an extra bit of polish to pull the entire look together.

You can even switch out the boots for a pair of chunky sneakers for an ultra comfy and street wear inspired vibe.

2. "Find me at #NYFW"

fashion blogger illustration woman with trench coat and mesh top

This look is not for everyone, but it's something I think would be a fun and modern outfit that could easily be seen worn by a fashion blogger on the streets at New York Fashion Week!

Layer your mesh top underneath a trench coat worn off the shoulders and cinched in with a wide snakeskin belt. Finish the look with high shine burgundy boots for a touch of glam.

If you're feeling more casual, style the trench open with a sling bag underneath and a pair of tailored shorts and white sneakers.

3. "The 9 to 5"

fashion illustration of woman in floral blouse and mesh top

My first two styling ideas could be too out of the box for most people, so here's an easy way to incorporate a mesh top for the office!

Pair your mesh top under a dark floral print blouse. Then choose a vibrant color from the blouse and match it to a coordinating pencil skirt. The classic elements of the floral top and skirt will tone down the mesh top from being distracting while the colors will tie everything together.

Accessorize with a pair of pointy mules and a few select gold rings and you're ready to tackle your 9 to 5!

My thought process!

neutral tone clothes hanging

These three outfits are not the only ways to style a top like this one. So feel free to experiment with what you have in your wardrobe! But while you're at it, consider the following:

Texture. Since mesh is a see-through material, it affords a lot of versatility in playing with textures. Try pairing it with something heavy and rough or soft and silky and see how that affects the overall outfit.

Color. While a mesh top might instantly read as more of a grunge piece (like the first look), it doesn't have to be. As long as you incorporate the color of the top into more typically feminine or preppy pieces, your ensemble can still look cohesive. An example of this would be the third outfit idea!

Silhouette. While the top I'm working with in this post is more fitted and therefore layered underneath other items, you can also try playing with a looser mesh top.

I've seen great outfits of mesh pieces styled over floral print which creates an unexpected and eye-catching look. You could even use it to tone down more flashy pieces like a sequin top!

So how would you wear it?

Would you wear any of the outfits mentioned above? How would you put your own twist on the mesh top?

Let us know in the comments below! And if you're interested in seeing how we would style any other hard-to-wear pieces, we're all ears.

See you next time!



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